Le moteur de rendu de graphiques optimisés réduit le temps de chargement et augmente la durée de vie de la batterie jusqu'à 25 %.

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2023-02-06 12:11:47
je trade depuis 2 ans avec eux j'adore et l'assistance et top
2022-09-22 17:14:09
C'est la meilleure applis de trading binaire selon toutes mes experiences en trading binaire, n'hésitez pas, c'est le bon choix. Vous pouvez commencer à partir de 15 USDT. Les positions minimales sont a 1 dollars, vous pouvez copiez vos traders favoris et encore copiez les signaux live. Soyez des notre! UID: 34946218
2023-03-21 05:44:38
Great broker, fast withdrawal, high pay-outs and amazing popular trading indicators! Very cool platform, you cand unlock achievements which give you gems
2023-03-20 05:35:25
The platform is the best , easy to use, payment is very fast. I recommend the pocket option to every one.
2023-03-20 05:30:45
Pocket option is a very good broker
2023-03-14 06:21:56
This is going to be the best trading platform I've ever came across especially with all the achievement awards definitely telling all my friends
2023-03-13 06:45:10
Best broker in the world.
2023-03-09 23:23:35
I Have tried couple of platform to trade with but I found PO TRADE to be suitable and friendly. Deposit are quick and best part is Withdrawal, they are also quick...
2023-03-09 01:38:01
The platform is great, do not have any challenges executing the trades. Withdrawals are also streamlined and it's hassle free now.
2023-03-08 08:33:42
The Best platform I've ever come across
2023-03-06 09:28:56
Wonderful platform, very happy with their services
2023-03-06 07:25:49
Awsome platform, all the tools are there to make money
2023-03-05 12:24:08
You are the best, keep it up
2023-03-04 08:57:25
great trading site alot of people will say its a scam. But the truth is I ran live on my PC and demo on my phone at the same time and they were exactly the same so do with that what you will but if you're losing maybe you just aren't as good as you think! This site can humble even the most conceeded of trader. It can also make you rich!!!!...
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2023-03-02 08:04:51
To this date i do appreciate using pocket option im satisfied and will continue to trade here. Try and hopefully you will get favourable results.
2023-03-01 15:53:58
best binary options platform... hope it will stay forever
2023-02-26 01:38:00
PO TRADE helps me reach my financial freedom thank you once again for the lovely useful trading platform im a newby for trading but the pocket option makes it a lot easier than I could ever expect.
2023-02-25 00:08:44
This app is a great app. It has its flaws but overall I like it
2023-02-23 04:47:46
منذ العثور على خيارات الجيب ، أثارت اهتمامًا حقيقيًا بتعلم التداول ولديهم الكثير من الأدوات لجميع مستويات المتداولين ، وهذا مكان رائع لبدء رحلتك ولديهم طريقة رائعة حقًا لمنحك مكافأة على جميع إنجازاتك شكرا لك خيارات الجيب على كل ما تبذلونه من المساعدة والدعم...
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2023-02-22 07:56:45
With a little knowledge and practice you can do great. Start on Demo and once you feal comfortable take your shot at a win

Avertissement sur les risques:

Trading on financial markets carries risks. Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) are complex financial products that are traded on margin. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Before deciding to trade, you need to ensure that you understand the risks involved and taking into account your investment objectives and level of experience